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Get all agreements in writing to be safe. As with anything dealing with the law, you want things in writing so there are no surprises. If you didn’t get it in writing, you will have no way to rein your lawyer in and keep your expenses in line.

State economists estimate 500,000 patients could be eligible for the treatment, but industry observers predict that number could be even greater because the amendment gives doctors leeway to order pot for illnesses not specifically identified in the amendment. One of the states marijuana vendors last week told a Senate panel the state will have a more-than-adequate pot supply when the amendment is fully implemented later next year, adding that her company alone could provide marijuana treatment for 650,000 patients. Under the agreement, health officials signed off on a license for McCrorys and the grower promised to drop administrative and court challenges. Both sides agreed to pick up the tab for their own legal fees and costs. Known as GrowHealthy, McCrorys last year joined forces with three other nurseries and purchased a 180,000-square-foot facility in the hopes of getting a license. The number of licenses available to businesses interested in growing, processing or selling pot products is expected to be one of the most contentious issues lawmakers face as they contemplate implementation of the constitutional amendment during the legislative session that begins in March. A Simple Overview Of Locating Significant Issues Of Trademarkability | Trademark Factory International IncFour of the states six medical marijuana license holders are now producing pot treatments. According to #trademarklawyer GrowHealthy CEO Don Clifford, patients receiving full-strength marijuana currently limited to terminally ill patients are restricted to purchasing five days worth of treatment due to a supply shortage. A week before they told McArthur the state had struck a deal with McCrorys, lawyers for the health department asked Administrative Law Judge John Van Laningham to relinquish control of a separate challenge by two applicants that lost out on a Southwest Florida license to Alpha Foliage. On Dec. 6, lawyers representing the two challengers Plants of Ruskin and Tornello Landscape, also known as 3 Boys Farm and the state told Van Laningham they had reached a settlement and asked him to close the case. The following day, Van Laningham granted the request.

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